Awaken Your Erotic Life

An Intimate Guide to Sex That Works.

Do you know the secret to good sex? Here's a hint: it has little to do with romantic dinners or lingerie or walks on the beach or even pheromones ... it's all about vulnerability, trust, resilience, and persistence. Loveologist Wendy Strgar explores all this and more in her new book Sex That Works.

Discover Your Feminine Genius

The provocative path to waking up and turning on.

In her bold new book Feminine Genius, LiYana Silver compares the cycles in our bodies with the four seasons of the natural world. She walks us through a powerful process of syncing with our cycles instead of resisting them. Getting in touch with the rhythms that connect our bodies to the natural world allows us to soften the critical internal voice that demands that we go-go-go all the time.

Understanding ADHD: 4 Ways to Support A Loved One

Millions of adults struggle with ADHD. Here's how to be a supportive friend, partner and family member.

Supporting a loved one with ADHD can seem difficult, and it’s easy to confuse symptoms of ADHD with laziness or lack of motivation. Patience and understanding are required to maintain peace and happiness in relationships where one person or both have ADHD.

Meditation Studios: the Hottest New Trend in Mindfulness

Google “meditation studio” and you’ll likely find one near you – they’re popping up all over the country. Most studios have classes from 15-90 minutes, with some led by teachers and some self-led. Either way – and no matter if you’re a meditation newbie or a seasoned practitioner – you’ll enjoy a quiet break in your busy day.

Lessons Learned: The Stages of Alzheimer’s

When beloved restaurateur, magazine publisher, and celebrity chef B. Smith at age sixty-two became forgetful, preoccupied, and temperamental, her husband, Dan Gasby, worried that their loving marriage was on the rocks. Then came the morning he could no longer deny what was happening to B.—the day they both had to admit that something was terribly wrong and that they needed medical help. The diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s disease signaled the end of one life and the start of another for both B. and Dan.

Break Free from Negative Internal Dialogue

Let Me Out: Unlock Your Mind and Bring Your Ideas to Life is all about making your dreams take shape in the real world. More often than not, it’s the critical voice in our heads that interferes with that happening—a voice that’s well-rehearsed at reminding us of the many ways we can fail.

Heartwarming Meditations for Fall

Meditation doesn't have to be a thing. You don't have to sit on a cushion before an altar with incense burning. You don't need to dedicate an hour (or even 30 minutes!) of your day. As the earth turns inward in autumn, we have a chance to get quiet, calm, grounded. We'll show you how with these meditations for fall.
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