21 Books for Your Best Summer Ever

Our staff picks for a healthy and happy summer.

Summer is almost upon us folks. It’s time to start putting a plan in place so you can make the most of the coming months. Fortunately for you, we’ve curated a list of 21 wellness and lifestyle books, which you can start reading now, that will inspire and guide you in making this summer your […]

HSPs in Love: How to Optimize your Relationship as or with a Sensitive Person

Author and researcher Elaine Aron provides solutions for highly sensitive people seeking happier, healthier romantic relationships.

The first step is figuring out your sensitivity level, or whether or not you classify as an HSP (highly sensitive person). Books for Better Living covered this topic last year, and research continues to confirm the existence and importance of HSPs. Perhaps this is because our individualistic, capitalist, “go-getter” society shows little acceptance for those […]

Summer Sipping with Session Cocktails

Try low alcohol drinks for those moments when you want to get your buzz on, but you need to do it responsibly.

Now that the weather is warming up, we can enjoy the great outdoors with a cocktail in hand. From roof decks to backyard barbecues to brunch al fresco, there’s a drink for every occasion. While we’re busy soaking up the sun, daytime sipping is a given to celebrate the season, but we need an easygoing […]

Enter to Win Mindful Cooking Essentials from Kristin Cavallari’s True Roots

Here's your chance to win a copy of True Roots plus goodies from Thrive Market, Staub and Zwilling!

We’re big fans of True Roots, the New York Times bestselling cookbook from reality TV star, entrepreneur, and lifestyle guru, Kristin Cavallari. Her 100+ recipes free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar are proof that a healthy lifestyle isn’t boring or bland. To help you prepare mouthwatering dishes such as butternut squash pancakes, chickpea fries and spinach and artichoke […]

Why You Should be Foraging for New Ingredients

Learn how Johnna Holmgren's deep appreciation for nature brought sustainable, spontaneous cooking to her table. Plus, add a dose of natural nutrients to your mornings with her reishi mushroom latte recipe.

I vividly recall a foraging trip that I went on a few years back when I was living in Ireland. We spent the day with a couple of local guides, foraging along a beach, thirty minutes or so outside of Dublin. I remember walking along the beach, and one of the guides would point to […]

What’s Your Skincare Psyche?

Discover the Japanese ritual of glowing and create a new skincare ritual that’s perfect for you.

Chances are, your skin care is aggressive. In the West, we scrub, peel, and sandblast our skin, as if we can somehow scrape away the years. Let’s stop doing that. Instead, let’s create simple skin care rituals that honor our age and help us glow from the inside out. Victoria Tsai’s book Pure Skin shows […]

Repair Your Relationship House

Learn more about the "sound relationship house theory" to see if your romantic house is in order.

Just as the home you live in is (hopefully) built carefully with sturdy materials, so too should your relationship be. John Gottman and his fellow psychologist (and wife) Julie Gottman developed a mathematical system — or what might be better described as an architectural system — for whether a couple would remain together or divorce, based […]

The Spiralizer Isn’t Just for Zucchini

Discover fun new ways to bring all types of vegetables to the table. Start with this recipe for Thai Cashew Chopped Salad with Sesame-Garlic Dressing from Inspiralized and Beyond.

The spiralizer isn’t just for churning out zucchini noodles anymore. In Ali Maffucci’s new book, Inspiralized & Beyond, she encourages cooks to be creative while adding vegetables to meals by spiralizing, chopping, ricing, and mashing as well. Ali is the voice behind the blog Inspiralized and has two additional cookbooks under her belt, Inspiralized and […]

Change Your Relationship Status with Food and Exercise from “It’s Complicated” to “Committed”

Skip the diet and exercise fads with a limited shelf life. Women’s Health Fitness Director, Jen Ator shares her secrets for sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

After more than nine years as the fitness director of Women’s Health magazine, you could say Jen Ator’s pretty much seen, heard, read and written it all. (I mean, that’s like more than 108 issues of info!) So in a genre full of trends and quick fixes, how do you mix things up and break […]

Discover Your Personal Style

Enter for your chance to win a the very best in fashion/beauty books and products

Your style, like you, is unique and constantly evolving. Trying out a new look can be so much fun, but experimenting with new products is often prohibitively expensive. That’s why we’re offering one lucky winner an amazing package to help find your personal style, including a bag of beauty products from our friends at the […]
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