Beat Hormonal Weight Gain Naturally with These 6 Steps

Hormones control everything from your mood to how much fat you burn. Learn how and why it's important to get them in balance before committing to a fitness program, especially if you're over 40.

Your entire body is controlled by your hormones. They do all the work. They control your mood, your temperament, your energy level, how much fat you burn, your hair quality, how healthy your skin looks, and even how long it takes for your muscles to recover. It’s extremely important to make sure your hormones are […]

11 Types of Seafood That Are Good For You (and the Planet)

Adding omega-3s to our diet to improve health is more popular than ever. But are we harming our oceans in the process?

If you care about human health and the health of the planet, you need to get informed about omega-3s. You probably know that omega-3 fish oil supplements are recommended for preventing and managing heart disease and inflammation in the body. As Paul Greenberg, author of The Omega Principle points out: omega-3s are now the most […]

4 Fitness Books That Will Leave You Sweaty, Fit and Feeling Great

I added a few workout routines from these 4 books to my fitness regimen and was blown away. Here's what happend.

A little over a month ago, I wrote about my journey from phoning it in on the elliptical to taking my fitness goals to the next level at home. One of the best things about designing your own workout plan is that it pushes you to be creative in order to keep things from getting […]

Exercise Your Way to Better Mental Health

Scott Douglas’s Running Is My Therapy shows how cardio can be an effective treatment in managing anxiety and depression.

I hate running. From my high school struggle to get through the mile in gym class to a recent 5K training fail (I have “malformed” knees, according to X-rays), running has never been my friend. For this reason, I was somewhat wary of Running is My Therapy, a book by Scott Douglas. As a therapist, […]

7 Ways to Reframe Your Thinking and Build Your Self-Confidence

Ignite your inner magic and learn to think, act and operate from a place of power.

Girl Code author, master life coach, and founder of the Champagne Diet blog, Cara Alwill Leyba, believes that within all of us lies the keys to confidence. That no matter how insecure we may feel, we all have the power to transform ourselves from shrinking violets into bright, commanding sunflowers — all by turning inward […]

6 Core Moves That Will Help Prevent Injury

A stronger core makes for an injury-free back.

Welcome to our summer, outdoor fitness series. This month we’re featuring weekly exercises from THE BICYCLING BIG BOOK OF CYCLING FOR WOMEN by certified personal trainer, triathlete, and bestselling professional health and fitness author, Selene Yeager. No matter where you fall on the cycling spectrum, you know that great things happen when you toss your leg over […]

Sushi Simplicity for the Summer

Our version of the Sushi Burrito (or Sushirrito) is a healthy dose of oversized, customizable and portable happiness.

Sushi burrito or sushirrito is apparently “a thing.” I generally don’t like things that are trendy or “all the rage,” sometimes for good reason, but usually just because I like to buck the trends and go against the masses. But this particular fad caught my attention for a couple of reasons. First off, I love […]

Meal Prep Your Way to Weight Loss, Better Food and More Time to Do What You Love

Change your everyday life by changing your approach to food with these amazing tips from health and fitness expert, Nikki Sharp.

Far too often, when we approach dieting, we go about it in all the wrong ways. We basically starve ourselves by restricting food intake to gain control of what’s gone out of control, and then, as a reward, binge eat for completing a diet without indulgences. Clearly, this approach to weight loss is ineffective. In […]

Navigate Challenges in the Workplace Like a Pro

Ask A Manager's, Alison Green offers us practical advice on how to handle 21 tough discussions we may need to have during the course of our careers.

When it comes to awkward situations or tough but necessary conversations at work, we’ve all got our war stories. Whether it’s something small and grating, like a gum-popping co-worker, or something bigger and more complicated, like a boss that monopolizes your nights and weekends, everyone with a job has, at one time or another, found […]

Yoga Cures That Stop the Summer Heat from Disrupting Your Sleep

Namaste the insomnia away with these helpful yoga tips that will have you saying Ohmmmmmm on your way to getting some Zzzzzzzzs. #NamasteInBed

As kids, we encounter that thing dubbed “the summer slip.” Time off from school usually means liberal bedtime schedules. You get to go to bed late and wake up later. When school starts again, alarm clocks are not your friend because you feel like you are shifting into a different time zone on another planet […]
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