Better Living on the Web: Healthy St. Patrick’s Recipes

Will you be celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day this Sunday? It’s a fun holiday, but if you’re trying to stay healthy it’s yet another celebration filled with indulgent, fat-laden snacks and desserts. In recent years, the health factor has reached a new low with the trend of artificially dyed green food—everything from green bagels to beer […]

Better Living on the Web: Love and Healthy Hearts

In case you didn’t notice by the candy, flowers and awkward singing telegram at your co-worker’s desk, yesterday was Valentine’s Day. The month of February is both metaphorically and literally a celebration of the heart since it is the month of love’s patron St. Valentine and also American Heart Month. It turns out that a […]

Better Living on the Web: Soda Wars

The unhealthy underbelly of America’s food industry has come under scrutiny over the last decade thanks in part to documentaries such as Food, Inc. and Super Size Me. As a result, the organic food trend has become a mainstream idea, and the government has taken some small steps. First Lady Michelle Obama has made of […]
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