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Eating Wisely: Deepak Chopra’s Tips for Balanced Living

Tips for better eating from the wellness guru himself.

We found some great tips for eating wisely from Deepak Chopra’s Perfect Digestion: The Key to Balanced Living, on how to slow down and get the most out of your meals. Try them out and keep in mind the Old English Proverb: Enough is as good as a feast.

Take a Few Minutes to Rest Quietly After Your Meal

By relaxing at the completion of a meal, before returning to another activity, you can allow the digestive process to begin in an effortless way.  You’ll find that this small investment of time can return major benefits to digestion and general health.

Always Sit Down to Eat

Sitting down relaxes the digestive tract, helps focus your awareness on the process of eating and enhances the enjoyment of your food.

Don’t Eat When You’re Upset

Here is a technique that can help you settle down and minimize stress. Sit quietly and close your eyes for twenty or thirty seconds. With your eyes closed, you may become aware of uncomfortable physical sensations in your body that accompany your emotional distress, because every mental sensation has a corresponding physical effect. Just keep your eyes closed and simply allow yourself to experience the uncomfortable physical sensation for a few seconds. Don’t try to resist it, just experience it. Within a minute or so, the sensation will usually weaken or even disappear. When you open your eyes, you may find that your emotional discomfort has also diminished. Once you’re comfortable, proceed with your meal.

Don’t Talk While Chewing Your Food

While chewing and swallowing, you should allow your senses to go inward and enjoy the taste, sight, and smell of the food. Not speaking while you have food in your mouth will help accomplish this.

Eat at a Moderate Pace

By taking the time to chew thoroughly, you’ll enjoy your food more, and you’ll enhance the process of digestion. If you’re a fast eater, I recommend a simple technique that, over time, can help you regulate your eating speed. After each bite of food has entered your mouth, simply put your fork or spoon down and don’t pick it up again until that bite has been swallowed.




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