Change Your Morning, Change Your Life

Sometimes the best change is simple.

I went through a phase where I woke up every morning three hours before I left for work, so I could do a full hour of yoga and 30 minutes of meditation before hopping in the shower, eating breakfast, and getting ready. I felt great. I was refreshed and centered as I began each day. It was amazing.

But like so many intense regimens, it fell away. I slept in, I got busy and distracted, I couldn’t find that 90 minutes every morning … so eventually I stopped doing my practice altogether. My mornings became more and more rushed.

I missed beginning my day with calm, mindful intention. But a 90-minute practice wasn’t sustainable for me, so I created a 15-minute morning routine that works. It’s so quick and easy, I can do it every day. It’s all about creating just enough quiet space in my morning to set the tone for the rest of my day.

Transform Your Entire Day In 15 Minutes

1. Don’t Reach for Your Phone As Soon As You Wake Up. Give yourself gadget-free time every morning. See if you can extend this time a little bit each morning … can you wait until you’re heading out the door to check your phone? It’s all about the zen of disconnecting.
2. Do a Few Sun Salutations and Meditate for a Few Minutes. Move through three slow sun salutations to gently wake up your body. Listen to your body – don’t force and don’t rush. When you’re done, sit comfortably for 3-5 minutes. Follow your breath and watch your thoughts come and go.
3. Drink a Glass of Warm Lemon Water. People rave about the detoxifying effects of warm lemon water. I just know that drinking it makes me feel energized and hydrated. And I enjoy some quiet time sipping it in my favorite chair. It’s part of making my home a sanctuary in the morning.

So that’s it … no phone, a few sun salutations, a few minutes of meditation, and glass of warm lemon water. My new morning routine takes 15 minutes instead of 90, and I get the same calming, centering effects as I used to get with a 90-minute practice. I enter my day with an open mind and heart.



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