Craft Your Own Tic Tac Toe Board

When my daughter learned to play Tic Tac Toe, she was delighted to get this crafty set made by her grandma!

It’s great because you don’t waste paper and you can throw it into a bag for a quick game in the car or on a plane.

It’s also a simple introduction to sewing for kids 6 and up.

1. Buy two pieces of felt ( we used pink).

2. Cut two square shapes from each piece (I did 15 cm x 15cm).

3. Measure each of the three tic tack toe blocks across and down, marking them evenly with a pencil using little dots.

4. Choose some thread in a good contrasting color (we used yellow).

5. Using the thread, sew the two pieces of felt together, up and down, across and down. (Pin the two pieces of felt together to keep them from moving around as you mark them and sew them.)

6. Tie the thread off in a small knot on the end where you finish.

7. Buy buttons in at least two different colors (bright ones that contrast with the felt). They will be your Xs and Os.

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