Crafty Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for the New Season

If you’re anything like me, it doesn’t take long before you’re tired of every small detail in your home. At the change of every season I feel inspired to spruce up some element of my home, whether it’s painting existing objects, rehanging wall items in a fresh new way, changing the throw pillows, or simply moving the furniture. It’s my way of readying my home for a new season and new set of adventures. Here are some tips to freshen up and “scratch that nesting itch” without spending much money:


    1. Picture frames: Sometimes the eclectic arrangement of different colors, woods, and metals is complementary. But when you’ve just had enough and you want a clean slate, take to the bottle (of spray paint that is). With a good bottle of primer and a bottle of semi-gloss color of your choice, you can have a clean, streamlined set of frames ready to give center stage to the photos they contain. It’s best to do this project outside: simply remove all backs and glass from the frames and lay them on a protected, hard, flat surface. Spray them from an 8-inch distance, and don’t forget the edges! Let them dry for a good 3 hours before reassembling and bringing them back into your home.
    2. Do you have curtain rods that you just can’t stand? Are you longing for that on-trend dark curtain rod that looks so sharp against a neutral wall? Rods are expensive to replace (not to mention a pain to remove and re-install.) You can have uniform and rich-colored curtain rods in one day. Rust-Oleum makes a lovely color called “oil-rubbed bronze” and while spray painting curtain rods is certainly trickier than a simple flat picture frame, the outcome is worth it. Make sure to buy paint specifically for metal, and use primer first!
    3. Have an old wooden dowdy dresser that needs some love? This solution takes quite a bit of time, but if you’re careful, the results can be amazing. You don’t need a belt sander to spruce up the existing stain: buy a water-based stain that is close to the color of the dresser, sand the entire unit with sheets of sandpaper (ideally coarse followed by fine), and then wipe clean. Brush on the stain with a wide brush for a bright and shiny sheen. Go one step further and fasten on some pretty new knobs, and you’ve got a revived dresser.
    4. Throw pillows: I have gone through more throw pillows than any one person should be allowed. The wonderful thing about a throw pillow is it can change the character of a couch from sophisticated to playful in seconds while changing the entire look of one room. Take the bargain route and march yourself to HomeGoods or Target for some new ones. Or get really crafty: buy fabric in the colors and patterns you desire and use this easy guide from the Happy Housie to make covers for your existing throw pillows.


These little touches will make you feel renewed and at comfort with your home in a big way. Love the knobs you used on that dresser? Change the knobs on your kitchen cabinets for a quick makeover! Loved the throw pillows and what they did to spruce up your living room? Buy more of the same fabric and easily DIY reupholster your dining-room chair seats to tie everything together. The possibilities are endless. When you’re done, set a pot of water on the stove to boil. Add 4 cinnamon sticks, peels from an orange and a lemon, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and a few whole cloves. Take a good look around, breathe deep, and sip on that mug of tea. Fall is on its way.

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