Create a Home That’s a True Reflection of YOU

Practice the art of authentic, simple living in three easy steps.

Our home can be a sanctuary, a place to rest, to indulge the senses, to get creative. Our home can reflect us—not just our individual style but our values. It can be an outer reflection of our inner self. But how exactly do we bring that to life?

Follow these three simple steps inspired by Natalie Walton’s This Is Home and create a haven that is a true reflection of you.

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Create - Create a Home That’s a True Reflection of YOU


“A sense of style evolves through the prism of our values. And when we let those values be our guide, a visual voice emerges that’s fluid and permeable, and can adapt to the constant changes that are an inevitable part of life.” ~Natalie Walton

Use spaces in your home to tell a story. Surround yourself with objects that reflect not just who you are, but who you’d like to become. Our homes evolve as we do, expressing what we value over time.

What are your priorities now? Whatever it is that you care about most, deliberately curate your space to reflect that. You can make adjustments to reflect what’s most important to you in the moment.

Maybe you don’t care much about new furniture; you’d rather buy a thrift store table and save your money for art. Or maybe cooking is your thing and you’re willing to leave your walls bare in order to get cookware that makes your heart sing. Or maybe you don’t care about art or kitchen stuff, what matters to you most are books . . . then line your walls with shelves and make books the center of every room.

It’s all about making choices with the goal of creating a space that reflects your priorities.


Live - Create A Home That’s a True Reflection of YOU


“Happiness comes in many hues. What’s important to us about our home? Do we value privacy? Or need a space to retreat? Is entertaining important? Which areas currently get congested? Which are hardly used? These questions need to come before creating concepts or specifying products.” ~Natalie Walton

A beautiful home isn’t a collection of objects. It’s a feeling. It’s the way all the materials combine to create sensory experiences: smooth and textured, bright and soft, metal and wood, old and new.

Sometimes the busyness of our lives and the crowded messiness of our homes obscures the beauty that’s already there—so simplify. Let go. Create empty space so the objects that spark joy can shine.

A stack of fluffy white towels on a rustic wood shelf. A lightly scented candle burning on a cool tile floor. Light streaming through a window onto a velvet chair. A handmade mug filled with steaming hot tea.

Seek out the simple sensory pleasures that are already in your home—and pause long enough to enjoy them.


Nurture - Create a Home That’s a True Reflection of YOU


“Where we dwell is one part of where we live. Every day often involves some sort of journey through our surrounding environment. We become intimate with the nuances of our areas—the gradual developments along streetscapes and the slow change of the seasons.” ~Natalie Walton

Home is where some of our most profound memories are made. It’s a place of nourishment and belonging, relationships, and love. Home is most nurturing when there’s balance.

Create spaces where you can nurture yourself – your body, your senses, your creativity. Give yourself permission to stay still and enjoy the quiet of your home.

Make room for relationships. Do you like to gather around the dining room table? The island in the kitchen? The comfy couch in the family room? Nurture that time together. Allow your relationships to grow and change, and adjust the spaces in your home as that happens.

Once you’ve discovered what you value, be disciplined about staying true to that. Nurture it. If you realize that you value music above all else but then decide to store your piano in the garage to make room for a new couch—well then, you’re not nurturing yourself.

Remember, your home expresses not just your personal style but what you care about most.




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