Cruelty-Free Pet Care for the Conscious Consumer

Your guide to the best cruelty-free, eco-friendly pet care products and brands.

If you’re a pet owner, you’re no doubt an animal lover, too. But unfortunately, many of the ingredients and finished products designed for the care of our companion animals are also tested on their laboratory counterparts in cruel and painful ways. A doggie spa day or a clean crate shouldn’t have to come at the expense of another furry friend. Luckily, there are more than seventy brands that are certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny so you can find everything from flea and tick treatment to horse shampoo without having to compromise your values. We’ve provided you with a breakdown of more than twenty of these companies, categorized by pet, that will help you find the cruelty-free alternative for just about any pet care product you can think of.

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cruelty-free pet care



Founder Melissa Boland started this company after she was diagnosed with breast cancer and needed to keep her home and her beloved dogs strictly germ-free because of her gravely compromised immune system. Frequent washings left their skin dry and unhappy, so she created her own line of USDA Certified Organic dog shampoo, designed with sensitive skin in mind. In addition to shampoo, 4-legger offers healing balm for dry and cracked noses and paws, dental powder, and even veterinary-grade essential oil blends that are good for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, and more.



Ali’s Naturals

Like many of these Leaping Bunny-certified brands, Ali’s Naturals makes pet products in addition to people stuff. Her pet line includes healing salve for dry skin and herbal flea and tick powder. These small batch, limited ingredient products are designed with the environment in mind and much of the packaging used is one hundred percent compostable, too.

Basic Earth Essentials

Have an anxious dog or cat? Basic Earth Essentials has you covered with their calming mists and essential oil blends. They also offer natural treatments for fleas, ticks, mange, ear infections and more. As an added bonus, they donate ten percent of pet products monthly to animal shelters and sanctuaries.

Basics by NXT Generation Pet

Certified organic earth-friendly pet shampoos, conditioners, and wipes for dogs and cats that are paraben-, sulfate-, formaldehyde-, and fragrance-free.

Eco Me

You probably think of Eco Me when cleaning your home, though they also make a line of sustainable, eco-friendly dog grooming products including shampoo, conditioner, and fur detangler.

Farm Dog Naturals

This Certified B Corp has natural solutions for whatever ails your pup, with products that ease stress and anxiety, soothe cracked paws and hot spots, neutralize a skunking, and much more.


Everything from waste bags, dispensers, wipes, training pads, toys, leashes, litter box supplies (liners and mats), and more that are made from renewable and sustainable materials whenever possible to minimize your pet’s impact on the planet.

Cruelty-Free Pet Care for the Conscious Consumer


Hownd offers products designed for dogs at all stages of life, from puppy to senior, using essential oils. Their line includes shampoos, anxiety-relieving body sprays, tear-stain face wash, wipes, and more.

Mr. Wigglebottom’s

This line of vegan and gluten-free dog shampoo is made with certified organic aloe vera.

Nava Pets

This Florida-based store ships their certified organic pet care products for dogs and cats, plus their all-natural, grain-free pet treats and dog food, throughout the U.S.

Opie & Dixie

Holistic, certified organic pet balms, ear wash, and shampoo and conditioner made with plant-based ingredients and essential oils for dogs and cats.

Organic Oscar

A wide range of biodegradable dog grooming products and holistic remedies made with sensitive skin in mind. Organic Oscar offers consumer sizes and gallon bottles for professional groomers.

Soapy Tails

Soap Caldron’s line of fine canine soaps and sundries which includes bar soap for different coat types plus paw balm and paw soak for irritated pads.


Fuss-free grooming is just a wipe away with these unscented, rinse-free grooming wipes that are safe to use all over your dog or cat—even in ears and on teeth.


All-natural, vegan, and gluten-free flea and tick spray formulas for dogs and cats (and repellent made for humans, too!)

Cruelty-Free Pet Care for horses


Mrs. Conn’s Bath Day

The only pet product company exclusively for horses, Mrs. Conn’s offers a variety of bathing and grooming products for your horse, including bit cleaner and convenient shampoo-filled sponges.

Pura Naturals Pet

As the name implies, Pura Naturals offers products for cats and dogs as well as horses, including hoof rescue, ear serum, and grooming products.

Vermont Soap Company

In addition to personal care and green cleaning solutions, the Vermont Soap Company offers pet shampoo, hot spot relief, and horse shampoo, all made without synthetic dyes, preservatives, or fragrances.



Cruelty-Free Pet Care for the Conscious Consumer


In addition to their laundry and other home care products, biokleen makes a few products with pets in mind, including Bac Out Stain + Odor Remover spray, a product I personally couldn’t live without.


Ecos has all your pet mess needs covered, with solutions for everything from skunkings, stinky kitty litter, and even cage/crate cleaner for your smaller friends like birds, bunnies, and reptiles.


In addition to plant-based pet shampoo and cleaning products, ZolaTerra provides a much-needed cruelty-free alternative to standard first aid ointments with their non-hazardous animal care ointment for use on cuts, sores, and rashes. They even have a special formula for horses.

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