Dan Coyle: 5 Things That Terrify Me

Halloween is finally upon us! We’ve partnered with our sister sites The Recipe ClubRead It ForwardCrafterNews and Crown, to ask our authors: What five things terrify you most? Here’s a list from Dan Coyle, author of The Little Book of Talent and The Secret Race

1. Being a Parent. That surreal, incredulous feeling from the maternity ward — You mean they let us take him home? Seriously? — never quite goes away.

2.  Monkeys. Those ever-alert eyes. The superhuman quickness and strength. But what really gets me are those little wrinkles on their knuckles — just like ours. (Also: possibly related to Fear #1.)

3. Jell-O Desserts with Mystery Ingredients.

4. The Unsupervised Combination of Kids’ Brains and the Internet. We’re in the midst of a giant generational experiment on the nature of childhood, as traditional play is replaced with thousands of hours of screen time. One word: Yikes.

5. Giant Moray Eels. Evolution is usually an efficient designer, but here it was clearly playing around in the costume department, seeing just how over-the-top terrifying it could make a creature appear.

Read more about Dan Coyle, and see what terrifies lawyer-turned-endurance athlete Rich Roll and yoga expert Tara Stiles.

What terrifies you? Tell us on Twitter with the hashtag #TerrifyingThings. Happy Halloween!

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