Deepak Chopra Shares His Personal Manifesto

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I’ve had the great good fortune of working with Deepak Chopra on several of his books, and I’m thrilled to share his newest book with you. It’s one his fans have been asking him to write: a book on how to be fulfilled without food. — Kira


Excerpt from What Are You Hungry For? by Deepak Chopra:

When you achieve a conscious lifestyle, you will celebrate your whole existence. Keep that in mind every day. Make it your vision, and shape all your choices around it. Here is a version of my own personal vision. It’s a manifesto, which grows out of the right to be aware. Adopt it, personalize it. When you feel that you’ve lost your focus, take out your manifesto and reinforce it as much as you can.


I expect my body to project what I want.

I want to be at my ideal weight.

I want to feel light, energetic, and joyful.

I want to be pain free.

I want to feel good about how my body looks.

I want to be rested and centered.

I want to be in a state of well-being

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