Diet Right for Your Personality Type

What personality type are you?

Getting healthy and finding the right diet plan for you can be a really frustrating process. There are so many plans out there to choose from that it makes finding the right one feel overwhelming! But what if we told you there was a new diet book that took YOU and YOUR personality into account? Diet Right for Your Personality Type by Jen Widerstrom does just that. Throughout Jen’s many years as a health and fitness expert, and working with her clients and now contestants on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, she’s learned one important thing about weight-loss success: when it comes to dieting, one size will never fit all.

After all, understanding the ideal way to harness your personal strengths and navigate your roadblocks will help you effectively lose weight for the long term. Starting with a simple assessment, you’ll identify your dominant personality type, and be guided through a tailored four-week diet and fitness regimen with meal plans, recipes, exercise routines, and more.

Check out the videos below to meet the personality types. You can find the full personality quiz in the Diet Right for Your Personality Type book.


The Rebel tends to be impulsive and noncommittal. They need to be given the opportunity to find their own flow in their day, and to be provided with flexible guidelines offering plenty of variety.


The Never-Ever is someone who’s disconnected from their health and fitness or may have even given up. They require a plan that allows them to take a step back (and sometimes away form their negative self-talk) to get a macro view of their lives in order to open their minds to personal choices on a micro level. Their program is designed to help them break the vicious cycle and teach them how to be in control of the decisions that influence behavior.


Organized Doer
The Organized Doer is a type A personality who craves routine and rules, so that’s exactly what they will receive because it drives their success! Checking off boxes is not stress inducing but rather meditative and an effective way to stay on track.


The Swinger is an adventurous type who follows the trendiest fads. Their success is rooted in a program that offers variety, change, and the ability to actively determine food and workout decisions each day.


Everyday Hero
If you’re an Everyday Hero, you probably always put yourself last and are happy to bend over backward for others. While this is admirable, it means you rarely accommodate yourself, even if you know it’s necessary. The key for everyday Heroes is building a plan that is streamlined and easy to set up, with as few obstacles as possible.



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