Be Disciplined about Pursuing Less.
There’s Power In It.

It is mind-bending to consider that in practical terms, we only ever have now.

We can’t control the future in a literal sense, just the now. Of course, we learn from the past and can imagine the future.

Yet only in the here and now can we actually execute on the things that really matter.

Nonessentialists tend to be so preoccupied with past successes and failures, as well as future challenges and opportunities, that they miss the present moment. They become distracted. Unfocused. They aren’t really there.

The way of the Essentialist is to tune into the present. To focus on the things that are truly important—not yesterday or tomorrow, but right now.

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>> Mind is spinning out about the past or the future

>> Thinks about what was important yesterday or tomorrow

>> Worries about the future or stresses about the past

>> Mind is focused on the present

>> Tunes in to what is important right now

>> Enjoys the moment

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