The Dos and Don’ts of Spiritual Home Décor

So you want to surround yourself with sacred objects? Remember: less is more.

I call it ‘Buddha Head Home Décor,’ and I blame Pier 1, Cost Plus, and Home Goods for popularizing Buddha-Head-on-a-Stick tchotchkes (you know the ones).

Maybe you’ve encountered this phenomenon: you walk into someone’s home, and sha-ZAM. They have a giant Buddha silkscreen hanging on the wall, potted bamboo in the windowsills, statues of Ganesh and Shiva on the bookcase, a zen sand garden in the bathroom, prayer flags suspended from the ceiling, salt crystal lamps everywhere, and a Tibetan singing bowl on the coffee table. Okay, okay, we get it! This is the home of a spiritual person. Maybe even an ultra spiritual person.

It’s lovely to incorporate sacred objects into your living space, but it’s easy to overdo it. Here’s how to be mindful when it comes to spiritual décor.

DO pick a centerpiece for each room. Give one special object space to shine.

DO consider rotating your collection, storing some things and then bringing them back out for a fresh perspective.

DO remember the purpose of these objects; they’re meant to bring you into the present moment.

DO collect things that are meaningful to you, not trendy. (See Buddha-Head-on-a-Stick.)

DON’T color-coordinate your sacred objects. Ummm, just, no.

DON’T get caught up in the materialism of it all. You don’t need any of it to meditate!

DON’T keep anything that doesn’t spark joy.

DON’T listen to me if whatever you’re doing is working for you.

Keep those mala beads wrapped around your wrist and put the lucky bamboo back on the table! The point is: do it mindfully. Make sure you’re really paying attention and allowing these objects to bring you back home—to the present moment and to yourself.




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