Earthing: It Sounds Dumb But It’s Kinda Great

It’s the easiest wellness trend you’ll ever try.

Sometimes a wellness trend comes along that seems too good to be true. And by good I mean easy. Okay, here goes—a step-by-step guide to earthing:

  1. Get yourself outside into nature.
  2. Take off your shoes.
  3. Sit, stand, or walk on the bare ground.
  4. Connect with the earth through your feet.

There. Done. That’s it. Nice, right? But is there more to it?

Proponents of earthing say that wearing shoes with synthetic soles, sleeping off the ground, living in multi-story buildings, spending most of our days inside or on concrete—in other words, modern life—has disconnected us from the electric current that flows through the earth. This disconnection is thought to be a contributing factor in chronic inflammation, stress, sleeping disorders, and premature aging.

Earthing counteracts all that because it grounds our bodies, allowing us to exchange electrons with the surface of the planet. Like forest bathing and barefoot walking, earthing gets us back to our roots.

Plus, it feels good. Walking on bare earth can be like giving yourself an acupressure treatment. Standing barefoot can help you realign your spine. Grounding yourself in nature can bring a sense of calm. And hey, it’s fun to have an excuse to kick off our Keds and wiggle our toes in the grass.



Photo Credit: Andrii Orlov/Shutterstock


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