End-of-Summer Skin-Saving Facials

Dawn Gallagher, author of Nature’s Beauty Secrets, is a whiz at concocting natural home spa treatments inspired the beauty secrets she learned from different cultures during her travels around the world. Here, she shares a few easy, rejuvenating facials. —BBL Editor

It’s the end of summer (almost) — a great time to renew your skin’s radiant, healthy glow with an all-natural facial at home. After a season of fun in the sun, a facial will soften the skin, unclog the pores and remove impurities. It also helps replace lost moisture and soothe tired skin. But giving yourself a facial will give you more than just a pretty face; it also helps you relax because it requires that you remain quiet and calm while you are having one. It’s amazing how seldom we allow ourselves to do that!

Helen of Troy Almond Cleanser
The women of the Greek aristocracy were well known for their elaborate beauty preparations and made good use of the Mediterranean’s abundance of almonds, which soothe dry skin. Here is a recipe Helen might have used to preserve her charms when she was whisked away to the arid plains of Troy.

1 tbsp plain yogurt
1 tsp almond butter or 1 tsp almond oil

Mix ingredients together and apply to face starting at the base of your neck massaging gently upwards in a circular motion. Remove with dampened cotton pads or clean washcloth.

Tahitian Cocoa Butter Cleanser
The women of Tahiti are known for their gorgeous skin and hair. Cocoa butter, derived from the cocoa bean, is one of their great beauty staples. They use it to counteract the drying effects of salt air and intense sun (it acts as a natural sunscreen). Cocoa butter is nourishing to skin especially during extreme summer weather conditions that are drying to the skin.

1-4 tbsp cocoa butter
1/2 cup avocado oil or almond oil
1-2 tbsp vegan margarine

Place the oil, cocoa butter and margarine in a double boiler. Melt the ingredients, stirring until
they are well blended. Remove from the heat and beat with an electric blender or whisk until
cool. Place in a jar and label. Use the cream as a facial cleanser or apply it all over the body, especially on dry areas.

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