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F is for Forgiveness: Gabby Bernstein Teaches Us How to Let Go

Take it from BBL favorite Gabby Bernstein: forgiveness is a powerful tool to better your mental health.

There are many F-words, but none seems so scary and unnerving as… “forgiveness.” We all know that taking the high road is always the more mature thing to do, but it is one of those things that is easier said than done. In practice, the act of forgiveness can actually lead to more resentment and unhappiness; you might feel like a pushover for forgiving someone who has wronged you, or feel like if things were the other way around, you might not be forgiven so easily. In Spirit Junkie, spiritual guru Gabby Bernstein breaks down forgiving into 4 easy steps that you can apply to your life and any situation that comes your way.

But ultimately, forgiveness is one of the most powerful human emotions and forgiving someone or something (Don’t we all have those days where you blame your car/cat/cellphone for all your woes?) is an important way of allowing yourself to let go and become one with yourself. Be it a bitter ex-boyfriend, jealous friends, or the stranger who bumped into you this morning, take some time today to let go and forgive.

Gabby Bernstein’s Meditation on Forgiveness from Spirit Junkie

Have you tried these 4 steps to forgiveness? Let us know how they worked for you in the comments below.



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