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Father’s Day Gift Guide: A Book for Every Dad

Find a book that will be the perfect fit for the father in your life.

Father’s Day is almost upon us, and we know that many of you will be looking for the perfect gift. Dads come in all varieties — some are young, some are old; some are sporty, and some are brainy — but no matter what type of dad you have, it is important to remind him how much he means to you. We have rounded up nine books for nine different types of fathers. Take a look below to find a book that will be the perfect fit!

1. For the Music Loving Dad



If your dad is a lover of classic rock, then odds are he’s a Bowie fan. Don’t fret if you couldn’t score tickets for him this summer to the David Bowie is exhibit. Gift him the next best thing — this intimate portrait of Bowie’s life by multi-award-winning journalist, Dylan Jones. David Bowie A Life traces the superstar’s life from his early years in the suburbs of England to his iconic rise to stardom and beyond.


2. For the Dad Who’s “Woke”



If you have a civic-minded father who can’t pass up an opportunity to “get involved” while passionately encouraging others to do the same, then this New York Times bestseller and National Book Award-winning letter from a man to his son by Ta-Nehisi Coates is the perfect Father’s Day gift for him. This incredible work offers a powerful new framework for understanding our nation’s history and current crisis. Show your father that you support his awareness of the issues concerning social and racial justice by giving him this extraordinary read for Father’s Day.


3. For the Sports Fanatic Dad



Is there a dad in your life that’s a hardcore sports fanatic? Consider giving him the national bestseller, Men in Blazers Present Encyclopedia Blazertannica. The “Men in Blazers” are two English-born broadcasters that give us an inside look at the epic expansion and worldwide domination of the professional game of soccer. Their book reads like a sporting telenovela playing out in real life that fully immerses Americans in the history and culture of the world’s game. It covers everything from the World Cup to David Beckham’s tattoos. The dad in your life will be screaming “GOAL!” with this winning Father’s Day gift.


4. For the Dad Who Has Daughters



This book is the perfect gift for dads of daughters. We now know how significant the father-daughter relationship is to the emotional development of a young woman, but Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters takes this knowledge and turns it into actionable steps for dads. In this invaluable guide to better parenting, Dr. Meg Meeker offers the tools every father needs in order to strengthen or rebuild bonds with his daughter and shape her life, and his own, for the better.


5. For the Dad Who Likes to Grill



Summer is here, so many dads have one thing on their mind: grilling out with friends and family. Make sure your favorite grill master has the latest recipes from Michael Symon. This present is also the gift that keeps on giving since we presume you will get to be the guinea pig for at least one of his grilling masterpieces. Yum!


6. For the Dad Who Tells Dad Jokes



Have you ever found yourself saying, “Nice one dad,” after your father tells one of his jokes to a room full of your friends? Of course not, because the only reaction your father’s zingers ever provoke is embarrassment — never giggles. This Father’s Day, give your dad the gift of laughter and a lesson on how to tell a good dad joke with Jim Gaffigan’s Dad Is Fat. The New York Times bestselling author and comedian covers everything from changing diapers in the middle of the night (“like The Hurt Locker but much more dangerous”) to Hot Pockets in this side-splitting account of family life.


7. For the Sentimental Dad



We like this book because it is a simple reflection on how important dads are in our lives. Larry King asks more than 120 successful and famous friends to reflect on a favorite memory of their father. We like the idea of writing down your favorite memory of your father and giving it to him with this book. This is an e-book so it would make a great first purchase if dad is also getting a new iPad.



8. For the New Dad



For all the young fathers out there, this classic Sam McBratney title is the perfect book to sit and read with their young ones. What better way to celebrate being a dad than sharing a heartfelt activity with their young child.



9. For the Science Geek Dad



If your dad is more into the way things work than working the grill, he will definitely find Design in Nature a fascinating read. Praised for making sense out of random patterns, this book is shifting the way that people look at the world around them and the future.



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