Bullied Before: Preparing Your Child to Hold Their Head High

Queen Bees and Wannabes author, Rosalind Wiseman offers important advice to parents on how to provide and get the support they need for their bullied child.

When you send your child back to the same school where they were bullied in the past—whether it’s the start of a new school year or returning after a winter break—it can feel like you’re throwing them back to the wolves, although you may think that wolves in real life would be more civilized than […]

The Surrender Experiment: How to Let Go of Control and Allow Life to Call the Shots

Surrender control, and lose anxiety and fear in the process.

Here’s a scary idea: surrender control of your life. Our lives are ridden with tension, resentment, and anxiety because we try to control and determine everything that happens to us. But when it doesn’t go as planned—and often it won’t, because a million external factors are coming into play at once—we get upset or fearful. […]

Nashville’s Favorite Fitness Guru Has A New Health Plan For You!

Ever wonder what keeps celebrities like country star, Carrie Underwood looking so good? Thanks to Erin Oprea's 4 X 4 diet plan, they've discovered that avoiding 4 key foods can change the way they look and feel in just 4 weeks!

We’re all (okay, most of us are) looking for simple solutions to diet and exercise that won’t overwhelm us. That’s why Nashville-based celebrity trainer and nutrition expert Erin Oprea came up with The 4 x 4 Diet. And nope, this diet plan isn’t meant to hit you like a pickup truck, although trucks and singing […]

Memory and the Millennial Mind

Technology, stress, and lack of sleep are making millennials more forgetful. Here are 3 helpful strategies for overcoming internet brain and improving memory from Deepak Chopra and Dr. Rudolph E. Tanzi's Super Brain.

Modern life moves pretty fast these days, or at least, according to our Google calendars and smartphone notifications. It’s tough for us to stop and smell the roses, much less remember that one dinner party we RSVP’d to months ago, or where we put that one book. It feels like it’s much easier for things […]

5 Ways to Masterfully Raise a Strong-Willed Child

If you’re stuck in a cycle of push-react-push with a mini-tyrant, take heart and heed this advice.

Handling an alpha personality in the boardroom can be challenging, but it doesn’t hold a candle to parenting one at home. A strong-willed child is a beautiful thing—opinionated, independent, full of tenacity. Yet it’s those same exact qualities that can sap even the most devoted parent of their energy, enthusiasm, and patience. Before you free-fall […]

6 Ways to Find Success as Your Authentic Self

Are you constantly busy but never feel fulfilled? It’s time to press pause, tap into your inner wisdom, and realign your goals.

When a company layoff left me reeling, I was left with two inevitable, looming questions: “Why me?” and “What’s next?” It’s a juncture author and spiritual motivator Danielle LaPorte thrives on. In her world, there’s no room for wallowing in what-ifs or stagnating in a sea of “someday, maybe.” You are the agent of change, […]

12 “Healthy” Foods That Wreck Your Diet

Learn how to turn off the genes that are killing you and your waistline.

“The answer to why almost all attempts to lose weight fail resides in your genes and the lies they’ve been feeding you.” ~Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution If you were asked what causes most modern diseases (like heart disease and diabetes), you might say processed foods or stress or sedentary lifestyle. But the real cause is genes. […]

Zen and the Art of Living in the Present Moment

Six mindfulness exercises to help you relax and live in the moment, from wake up to bedtime.

When we think about mindfulness, many of us think of yoga and meditation. While these healthy habits are definitely worth incorporating into our wellness routine, they take time to cultivate. Whether you’re new to the concept of mindfulness, or simply want to build your practice with easy, small steps, here are six ways to tweak […]

The Highly Sensitive Person: Are You One, and If So, What Kind?

Why knowing what specific sensitivities you have can help you navigate your way through the world.

I tend to be a skeptic, which, on the surface, seems uncommon in the self-help and wellness realm, but skepticism should not be equated with close-mindedness. Being open-minded, I’ll try just about any approach to bettering my life, relationships, and health, but that approach has to prove itself. This means that while I may not […]
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