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Sex and the Fat Body: Let’s Clear Up Some Misconceptions

Healthy sex comes in every size. Don't let myths and personal hang ups about plus-size bodies keep you from having the sex life of your dreams.

We are constantly amazed by the myths that are prevalent about fat people and sex. The messages in modern storytelling from film to T.V. and even in urban legends are riddled with the ideas that fat people are a) undesirable, b) know they are undesirable, c) desperate for sex and d) will go through any […]

People Identifying as Fat — What’s the Hang Up?

Taking on and embracing the other controversial f-word.

There is a question that we have to ask every single guest we have on our weekly online show. It’s about the controversial f-word — FAT.  We have decided that it is important to ask whether or not our guests identify as fat. And if they don’t identify as fat people, how do they identify […]

How to Show Up to the Beach with Confidence in Your Fat Beach Body

10 tips that will help make your time in a swimsuit more enjoyable, no matter your size.

How do I show up to the beach in my fat beach body, you might ask? One answer to that question would be to simply show up and enjoy your day at the shore! Unfortunately, we all know that’s easier said than done. Though as a society, we’ve placed significant pressure on brands that use […]

Fat Allies: What We Wish Thin Friends Were Able to Do for the Cause

Let them know they aren't alone. Learn the dos and don'ts of helping plus-size people overcome fat-shaming situations.

Almost all of us have witnessed at one point or another a fat person being mistreated, whether it be a child being bullied on the schoolyard or a passenger shouting about how they have no room in their airplane row as a fat traveler tries to squeeze into the seat next to them. Most likely, […]

Men Who Love Fat Women: Should They be Praised for Admitting It?

Men who love plus-size women get all the praise while curvy women who love the skin they're in are called delusional. Get the facts on body bias and a frequently asked question: Are hetero men attracted to plus-size women?

While brainstorming for this topic, we could not think of a single plus-size girlfriend between us who had escaped the down-low relationship completely. Every straight, chubby woman we know has had at least one sexual experience with a guy that existed exclusively in secret, not intended for the public eye. There is a stigma attached […]

Plus-Size Yoga Guru Jessamyn Stanley is Shattering All Stereotypes

The self-described fat-femme is unapologetically taking the world by storm and transforming hearts and minds in the process. In this Q&A, Jessamyn shares her views on how to confidently navigate your way through the world while plus-size.

As plus-size women who have dedicated our voices to combating negativity and stereotypes that surround people who dare to take up a little bit of space, we were beyond excited by the prospect of interviewing Instagram sensation, yoga guru, body positivity advocate and Every Body Yoga author, Jessamyn Stanley, for Books for Better Living. When […]