Beat Hormonal Weight Gain Naturally with These 6 Steps

Hormones control everything from your mood to how much fat you burn. Learn how and why it's important to get them in balance before committing to a fitness program, especially if you're over 40.

Your entire body is controlled by your hormones. They do all the work. They control your mood, your temperament, your energy level, how much fat you burn, your hair quality, how healthy your skin looks, and even how long it takes for your muscles to recover. It’s extremely important to make sure your hormones are […]

Exercise Your Way to Better Mental Health

Scott Douglas’s Running Is My Therapy shows how cardio can be an effective treatment in managing anxiety and depression.

I hate running. From my high school struggle to get through the mile in gym class to a recent 5K training fail (I have “malformed” knees, according to X-rays), running has never been my friend. For this reason, I was somewhat wary of Running is My Therapy, a book by Scott Douglas. As a therapist, […]
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