How to Choose the Right Birth Control Method for You

Learn about the many options on the market so you can express your sexuality safely, responsibly, and freely.

Raise your hand if most of your “professional” sex education has been fear based. When I think back to sex ed in middle school and high school, I mostly remember the horrifying images of STDs run amok, and most significantly, the three days I had to spend senior year caring for an electronic baby that, […]

Can You Be Body Positive and Want to Change Your Body?

Making a case for "calling the shots" when it comes to your happiness and what's right for your body.

The “Body Positive Movement” has legs and is turning out actual results. Record numbers of plus size models set the runways on fire at NY Fashion Week spring 2018, thanks to the influence of documentaries like Straight/Curve and Embrace which brought awareness to people around the world about body bias. And let’s not forget the persuasive […]

Wake Up: Escape a Life on Autopilot

A lesson on living in the here and now.

At times, we all feel dissatisfied. At times, we all feel stuck. Although many aspects of our lives may be fulfilling and fantastic, many of us, when we think about it, still find ourselves asking ‘is this it?’ The nature of life is such that we get carried away with our own busyness. Many of […]
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