What Beauty Is, in 500 Definitions

Mihaela Noroc’s The Atlas of Beauty will change how you think about beauty and womanhood forever.

When Mihaela Noroc set out on her global adventure and began photographing women from all over the world, she did not expect her work to become a worldwide phenomenon. Her project, The Atlas of Beauty, which has captivated people all around the world on social media, is now a book home to a collection of […]

Fear is Not Your Enemy

How embracing fear as a friend—not a hindrance—can help you reach your fullest potential.

At least once in your life, I’ll bet you’ve made a decision out of fear—whether it was a fear of being different, of being alone, of failure—or even of success. I know I have. I’ve taken the less risky job, stayed with the boyfriend who was no longer compatible, moved to the familiar city, shelved […]

A New Year, A New Attitude Toward Your Body

Why not try radical self-acceptance and love your body as it is today?

With an influx of articles coming your way this month about diets and programs to lose weight, workouts to shrink your abs or lift your buns, and the best New Year resolutions to change, change, CHANGE, we want to start 2018 off by encouraging you to shift your mindset about your self-image. “The human brain […]

The Difference Between Body Positivity and Self­-Love

While self-love is highly encouraged, it's the acceptance and appreciation of body diversity that will ultimately act as the catalyst for change.

If you’ve been paying even the slightest bit of attention to what’s trending these days, you probably have seen articles about the Body Positive or BoPo Movement. Countless brands are associating their products with, and gearing their ads towards, the movement’s “feeling positive” about your body proclamation. The topic of “self-love” is currently garnering high […]

Letters to Lift Your Spirits

Lift the flap and get inspired

These happiness-boosters invite you to literally open letters of encouragement, wit, and wisdom whenever you need a boost. Here are four original “letters” by Open When author, Karen Salmansohn. Lift the flap and get inspired.

New Year, New Beginnings: Download 4 Inspiring Illustrations

Just in case you need a reminder.

Every moment is a chance for a new beginning. Sometimes we have reminders, like the start of a new day, a new week, or a new year; the start of a new job, a new relationship, or a move to a new home. Download Image: fresh-starts-download-pdf   But the truth is, we don’t need to wait […]

Why Being Spontaneous Will Make You Happier

Learn how to achieve spontaneity — where and when you need it.

We all try way too hard. We're always striving toward the next big thing: successful career, happy family, healthy body, peaceful spirit. But recent research suggests that many aspects of a satisfying life - like happiness and spontaneity - are best pursued indirectly.
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