Calcium and Friends

You’ve probably noticed when perusing the vitamin aisles that calcium often comes packaged with a couple of other vitamins and minerals–typically vitamin D and magnesium. What’s the deal with that, and do you need them all?

Purple Is the New Green

Why consuming purple produce is just as effective as eating green.

We’ve gotten on board the kale train, been intrigued and impressed with the powers of matcha, forged long-term relationships with broccoli, green beans, and asparagus, and powered through wheat grass shots after a workout. Green has certainly had its moment, but there’s a new power-food in town, and it’s bringing a pop of purple to the plate.

The Secret Healthy Ingredient that Tastes Great

Add nutritional yeast to your diet.

Recently I had an amazing pasta dish at a restaurant in Seattle, which was a take on the Italian classic Cacio de Pepe (essentially pasta tossed with parmesan cheese and pepper). However, in this version, there was another subtle burst of umami, which I was told came from the addition of nutritional yeast. Not only did it taste amazing, but I later learned that nutritional yeast has health benefits to boot.
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