Preserving Childhood: The Link Between Early Puberty and Growth Hormones

How the bovine growth hormone found in milk, and increasing rates of obesity have been linked to precocious puberty in children since the early 1990s.

There’s been a noticeable increase in precocious puberty since the early 1990s, causing a decades-long concern in the parents of daughters who are pointing an accusatory finger at the hormone-treated dairy products we consume every day. The idea that while trying to nourish our children, we could actually be introducing their systems to a hormone […]

Pregnant With Ambivalence

Millennial women share their thoughts, fears, and desires about—maybe—having children.

There’s plenty of think-pieces for women on either end of the pregnancy spectrum, but surprisingly few for the ambivalent. When I sent out the “bat signal” for interviews, a staggering number of women came forward. It turns out, there are a lot of us who feel pressure from both sides about our indecision.

A Q&A with the Author of Why Gender Matters, and What He Thinks is the Future of Child Development

Here’s why Dr. Leonard Sax thinks acknowledging the two sexes in school curriculums will lead to a better future for everyone.

There is a gender gap that permeates our society in obvious as well as subtle ways—notice the imbalance through a disparity in wages, personal-care product marketing, and even the way children’s toys are designed. Both parents and the education system continue to ask “How can we fix this so that everyone is on an equal playing field?”
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