Shabbat Dinner for Millennials

An evening to reflect, break bread, and connect.

What is Shabbat? In a nutshell, Shabbat is a day of rest, reflection, and celebration. It begins on Friday at sunset and ends the following evening after nightfall. Six days of work, followed by a seventh day of rest, to remind us of the harsh demands of labor that were inflicted upon the Israelite slaves […]

Cedella Marley’s Modern-Day Munchies

Learn the "Ten Commandments of Cooking with Herb" plus, get Cedella's recipe for Hemp, Kale, and Apple Salad.

Smoke it, vape it, or eat it—there’s no question that you can get creative with how you want to get high, especially with marijuana’s widespread legalization. But how about a dinner party, with multiple weed-infused dishes? It’s a common trope that herb edibles often lead to debilitating highs—hilarious perhaps only in hindsight—but there is a […]

Bring Exciting Global Flavors to Your Vegetarian Table

Start with Cameron Stauch’s Green Papaya Salad from his debut cookbook, Vegetarian Viet Nam.

In the years Canadian chef, Cameron Stauch spent living and cooking in Vietnam, he mastered the country’s vegetarian cuisine by soaking up knowledge from the locals and learning centuries-old recipes that were devised by Mahayana Buddhist monks. The dishes in his debut cookbook, Vegetarian Viet Nam, utilize a full arsenal of herbs and sauces available […]

They’re Just Great Restaurants

Modern vegetable-focused eateries are changing the stigmas surrounding vegetarian food.

When do you stop becoming known as a great vegetable-focused restaurant, and just as a great restaurant? There is a connotation around this cuisine that it has to be super healthy and nowhere close to filling. However, with the right attention, vegetables can transform into full meals that will leave you impressed and stuffed. Chefs, […]

Chloe Coscarelli Combats Bland Vegan Food

Plus a recipe for a breakfast sandwich that takes first prize in flavor, texture, and nutrition from her new cookbook, Chloe Flavor.

Renowned vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli is here to smash stereotypes about plant-based cooking. While it’s easy to assume that vegan food is dull and tedious to prepare, her recipes show how simple it is to make vegan food exciting and vibrant. Forget the monotony of chalky veggie patties and limp, bland salads of yesteryear—this is […]

Lagom: A Swedish Ethos to a Harmonious Life

A simple approach to achieving a more balanced life.

Lagom, a Swedish term meaning just the right amount; not too much, not too little, sufficient, enough, just right. Lagom also translates into balance, happiness, and living in moderation. It’s about creating a happier and more balanced everyday life. Lagom is not a set of ideas or standards but rather a flexible concept that can […]

Give Your Vegetables the Respect They Deserve

The secret to getting the most flavor and nutrition out of your veggies is a little TLC.

Vegetables often take a supporting role in the kitchen, losing in popularity to juicy meat, gooey cheese and rich starches. However, more often than not, the real reason behind your veg falling flat isn’t from an absence of flavor, but simply a lack of care and attention. Mushy broccoli and limp green beans do not […]

Gaz Oakley: the Innovative Vegan Chef You Need to Know

Plus a recipe for Chorizo-Style Chili Dogs from Gaz's new book, Vegan 100.

Gaz Oakley is the 25-year-old, avant-garde vegan chef and author of Vegan 100. But he wasn’t always vegan. He started studying cooking or “catering,” the latter as it is referred to in Wales, UK, at the age of 14. Soon thereafter, at the age of 15, he landed his first restaurant job. After finding himself […]

Lauren Toyota Proves Vegans Really Do Have More Fun

Raw, leafy, boring? Not a chance. In her debut cookbook, Vegan Comfort Classics, the goddess of in-your-face vegan food has spoken.

If the meat-eaters you know still make fun of vegans because they eat “rabbit food,” then they clearly haven’t seen Hot for Food Vegan Comfort Classics, with Lauren Toyota’s decadent vegan renditions of all the fried, stuffed, mashed, and layered comfort food any glutton could lust after. Her first cookbook, Vegan Comfort Classics, debuts this […]

Is There Any Baked Dessert More Beautiful Than a Bundt Cake?

Jerrelle Guy doesn't seem to think so. The food writer enjoys looking at the "curves" of her vegan spin on the cake classic (Butter Pecan Bundt Cake) as much as she enjoys eating it. Try the recipe and judge for yourself.

“A party without cake is just a meeting.” This quote from beloved chef and author, Julia Child, is spot on. There are times when the comfort of a hot biscuit, a gooey melting cookie or a warm, thick slice of the potluck staple, Bundt cake, is a necessity. After all, what is a birthday or […]
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