Yoga Cures That Stop the Summer Heat from Disrupting Your Sleep

Namaste the insomnia away with these helpful yoga tips that will have you saying Ohmmmmmm on your way to getting some Zzzzzzzzs. #NamasteInBed

As kids, we encounter that thing dubbed “the summer slip.” Time off from school usually means liberal bedtime schedules. You get to go to bed late and wake up later. When school starts again, alarm clocks are not your friend because you feel like you are shifting into a different time zone on another planet […]

5 Quotes That Will Inspire You to Get Your Sleep On

The holidays can be an extraordinarily busy time of year—lots of celebrations, family reunions, and countless other obligations. But it’s important to remember to rest and enjoy yourself too, and part of that involves getting good quality sleep. Sleep is important for so many reasons—physically and emotionally—and we’ve gathered our favorite quotes about sleep to help us keep sleep top of mind and a priority during this hectic time of year!
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