Creating a Home Yoga Practice

Love yoga, but always find an excuse not to go to class? Then try a home practice and fall in love with a healthier, calmer and more confident you.

Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to get ourselves to a yoga class on a regular basis. The mind will provide plenty of excuses: I can’t afford it this month, I’m not good enough. I don’t have clean yoga clothes. It’s too far. It’s raining. I don’t have time. It will be too crowded. […]

Why Yoga and Psychology Need Each Other

Psychotherapist and yoga instructor, Mariana Caplan makes a case for combining both fields, with powerful effects.

“Yoga saved half my life; psychology saved the other.” With these words, psychotherapist and yoga teacher Mariana Caplan begins her book Yoga & Psyche. Starting in her teens, Caplan followed both fields separately, turning from one to the other when necessary. Initially, she met spiritual teachers who guided and nurtured her, but was left traumatized […]

How Yoga Can Heal Trauma

Here are a few tips for getting more healing power out of your yoga classes.

Yoga can have many benefits: quieting your mind, strengthening your body, and providing a much-needed break from your phone. One lesser known advantage is that yoga can be a powerful method for healing trauma. Trauma is not lacking in our society. The recent #metoo movement has shone a spotlight on just how many have experienced […]

Using Cues to Deepen Your Yoga Practice

How tapping into your yoga instructor's verbal cues can be a game-changer for your practice.

For those who have practiced or taught yoga, weaving these cues into a class can be the difference between doing yoga, and being yoga.
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