Feeding Your Family: A Blueprint for a Lifetime of Healthy Meals

Breastfeeding is one of the hot topics for new moms–to breastfeed or not to breastfeed? But controversy aside, it’s an important topic that has been shown to have many health benefits to newborns. Want to know more?  La Leche League International is one of the most trusted names in breastfeeding information, support, and advocacy. But it’s not all about the kids–new moms need an overdose of nutrition too, in order to keep up with milk production, and later to keep up with energetic kids!  Feed Yourself, Feed Your Family is a great place to start. La Leche League has compiled a one-stop nutrition and cooking guide for mothers eager to nourish their whole growing family with healthy and delicious meals. From pregnancy through nursing, weaning, and a child’s first 18 months and beyond, Feed Yourself, Feed Your Family offers hearty and healthy meals for parents and children alike. The 75+ recipes are full of fantastic mom-tested advice, and I found more than a few of the sweetest treats in the book to be both delicious and easy to make, even for non-moms!

The Super Smoothie is a blend of fresh and frozen fruit and yogurt, and, in addition to being one of the recipes included in the “Best Foods for New Moms” chapter, I found it to be really great right after a workout, or as a last-minute breakfast (it’s packed with protein and vitamins). The Peach Pops can be a sweet treat to serve at a summer barbeque, or just a substitute dessert when you or your kids are craving ice cream. And the Oatmeal Raisin Cookies are made with whole wheat flour and brown sugar making them a satisfying, natural alternative to store bought brands. See, eating healthy doesn’t have to mean just salads anymore!

And remember, promoting healthy meals in your family is about more than just eating. Make sure to involve your kids in the cooking process, and let them see what ingredients go into their favorite dishes. It will help you kids learn about healthy food, and makes for great bonding time.

If you’re dying to try these (we know we’re just waiting for warmer weather to bust out the peach pops), check out the full recipes below, and share your favorite family meals in the comments:



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