Forget Aspirin. These Hangover Cures Really Work.

Preparedness goes a long way, especially when it comes to a hangover – when one too many glasses of wine turns your next morning (or day) into a Hangover Holiday. Wouldn’t it be great to know a few tricks from the nutritionist toolbox?

But first, let us look at what happens inside your body when you have a hangover:

>> Alcohol is absorbed directly into your blood stream.

>> Your liver needs a substantial amount of vitamins and minerals to process the chemicals from the alcohol, leaving you mineral- and vitamin-depleted and your internal environment toxic.

>> Your blood sugar drops.

>> You experience all this as dehydration and exhaustion.

Now before you break out the acetaminophen, ibuprofen and aspirin – flooding your liver with even more chemicals – you may want to know about the potential side effects reported on those popular quick fixes.

Acetaminophen: Processed by liver, which is already overwhelmed in dealing with the excess alcohol, acetaminophen can cause liver damage.

Ibuprofen: Can cause the lining of your stomach to bleed.

Aspirin: Acts as a blood thinner. Mix that with alcohol, which also acts as a blood thinner, you have a double whammy. Should you injure yourself, your blood will be less likely to thicken and stop the bleeding.

So, ready to try something without side effects? Then be prepared with these five hangover cures!

1) Hydrate, hydrate hydrate to clear out the toxins. While drinking alcohol, make sure that you drink twice your usual intake of water. Before going to bed, drink two additional glasses with a dash of sugar and salt to help replenish electrolytes and to aid your body’s detoxification. Repeat in the morning when you wake.
2) Let wheatgrass do the work! Achieve instant detoxification with a shot of wheatgrass before you go to bed and again the next morning. The combination of antioxidant and enzymes makes wheatgrass a perfect hangover remedy, cleansing your body overnight. Check out our article on the healing properties of wheatgrass.
3) Ease your digestive system by starting the morning after with a glass of water with half a lemon; or as alternative, eat a grapefruit to alkalize your stomach acids and soothe your digestive tract. By adding a pinch of cayenne pepper, you will also rev up your body’s circulation, which will protect you from stomachaches.
4) Sweat! Did you know that a third of toxic body waste is cleared through the skin? So hit the treadmill, sauna, or steam room or make yourself a salt water bath to aid your body’s detoxification.
5) Stay clear from the coffee the next morning. Coffee is a diuretic and will leave your body even more dehydrated.

Knowing these tricks, you can enjoy the party and not have to say “uh oh … I’m gonna have a hangover in the morning.”

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