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Gabrielle Bernstein Dishes on How to Become a Spirit Junkie

A life free of fear and full of love: Gabrielle Bernstein describes her path to becoming a 'Spirit Junkie'.

For twenty years I kept a journal in which I wrote about heartbreak, anxiety, and addiction. It was my only outlet from my pain, my way to give voice to my fears.

But today my journal entries reflect an empowered woman who is happy and bleeds authenticity. I’ve overcome my addictions to love, drugs, food, work and fear. I worked hard, and man, was it worth it.

What changed?

My primary guide on my journey to self-love has been A Course in Miracles, a self-study curriculum that teaches forgiveness as the road to inner peace and happiness. When I first discovered it, I made a commitment to myself to become a student and a teacher of the Course—a sacred contract that would change my life.

Through studying the Course, I gained a deep understanding of the basis for my fear and guilt, and how to overcome them. And the Course guided me to know a relationship with what I call my ~ing, an inner guide.

Establishing this relationship with my inner guide served me greatly in my romantic relationships. I learned that a romantic partner cannot be my only source of inspiration. Through my Course work I was guided to release my “special love relationship” which identifies a romantic partner as an idol. Letting go of my idol perceptions came when I sought happiness and inspiration in every area of life rather than just one partner. By experiencing inspiration through a friend, a book or on my meditation pillow, I’m no longer seeking my completeness in a romantic partner. I am finally whole and in my wholeness I can truly enjoy romantic love.

Another way the Course changed my life most profoundly was in its definition of a miracle. The Course teaches that each time we shift our perception from fear to love we create a miracle. Every time we choose to see love instead of fear, every time we act from a place of love rather than a place of fear, we create a miracle. Our internal shifts enhance our external experiences and relationships. Serenity kicks in, fear subsides and we know that all the love we need is inside us.

Sounds like I’ve got the keys to heaven, doesn’t it? That’s right, I do! I can testify to these tools because I work them like a full-time job—and I’m the happiest person I know.

November is Gabby Bernstein Month at BBL—her books Spirit Junkie and Adding More ~Ing to Your Life are our picks for inspiration and happiness. Gabby knows that even if fear has you in a headlock, happiness always wins. You too can be a Spirit Junkie!



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