Giuliana Rancic’s Advice for Working Moms

From a young age she dreamed of being a TV anchorwoman but, because of her inclination toward mischief and away from schoolwork, Giuliana Rancic’s path to her dream job was far from straight. After a fateful (and mortifying) encounter with the late Senator Ted Kennedy, she learned that Hollywood news was where she belonged. Thankfully for readers, this epiphany led her to a bounty of LA misadventures (featuring notables such as Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Russell Crowe) and an entertaining behind-the-scenes perspective on what our favorite celebrities are really like.

In spite of her glamorous Hollywood life, however, Giuliana could not escape some rockier times, including her battles with infertility and breast cancer. Here, for the first time, she reveals the whole truth behind her well-publicized struggles, and the highly controversial decisions she had to make. And, of course, at the heart of it all are the two loves of her life who keep her strong through everything, her husband Bill and her son, Duke.

Books for Better Living: Let’s go back to the title, Going Off Script … such a great mantra for life! You remind us of that old adage: if you want to get something done, ask the busiest woman you know. You are so busy with so many projects and with your family. How do you do it all?

Giuliana Rancic: This is question that’s on the minds of many women: how do you balance it all? Women are busier than ever these days, we’re juggling more than ever before with careers and families and everything that comes with being a mom and being part of our society right now. We’re all busier than ever before. Women are always trying to figure out the secret of how to balance it all.

Going into every day trying to balance everything is unrealistic. That’s where we get off to a bad start – we fail before we even begin. It’s not going to happen. You cannot balance it all every day. I certainly don’t!

So what I try to do is stay realistic. If I go into the day knowing that work is going to require a lot from me today. Then I go into the day with my work hat on, my career woman hat on. Of course I’ll drop everything if my family needs me, if there’s an emergency, but I really focus on work that day. I don’t get on Facebook or respond to personal emails or chat with my friends about the weekend. I really focus on work.

That way, when I get home at 6:00, all my focus is on my son and my family. I put my phone away. I know that I’ve done my work today, I put my career first all day. And now it’s time to devote my nights to my family. I don’t look at my phone or Instagram or Facebook or call my friends. I really focus on my family.

The next day, let’s say Duke has a fever or my family needs a lot from me that day. I’ll still go to work and make my family the focus of my day – or maybe I’ll need to stay home from work. If I find that I’m working a lot during the week, then I’ll make sure that the weekend is family all the time. I make sure that I really give it my everything, that I spend all my free time with Duke and my husband. That’s how I make it work. And I don’t feel bad about it! I realize that it’s unrealistic to balance everything every day. So I focus on family or career each day.

Whatever it is, I realize that some days my work needs me more and some days my family needs me more … and that’s okay.

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