Go To It! Bob Harper’s Skinny Rule #3: Eat Protein at Every Meal

Bob Harper is the trainer and fitness expert best known for his butt-kicking, fat-burning workouts on The Biggest LoserHe just launched his new bookThe Skinny Rules, which distills his healthy eating knowledge into 20 straightforward principles. Make them into habits, and Harper guarantees you’ll never need another diet book again. Always up for a healthy challenge, BBL staffers will be test-driving Harper’s rules all month long. Here’s Lisa’s take on Skinny Rule #3. —BBL Editor

My favorite Skinny Rule is Rule #3: Eat Protein at Every Mealor Stay Hungry and Grouchy. I started following the protein rule three weeks ago and noticed a change as soon as I started. Including protein with every meal makes such a difference—I actually feel full and content throughout the day, which means I’m less likely to snack on junk food. I used to skip breakfast (or eat something without protein), and now I stay full until lunch after eating protein-filled morning meals of foods like eggs, chicken sausage, Greek yogurt and nut butters.

It turns out that I wasn’t eating enough protein, according to Harper. To figure out how many grams of protein you should be eating per day, he recommends simply dividing your weight by two. Pretty easy way to remember your daily dose of protein!

In the book, Harper includes creative recipes that include eggs, fish, poultry, beef and soy protein. He notes that almost every form of protein tastes great, and eating it at every meal allows you to diversify your menu. However, in his opinion, fish is the Protein King because it contains vital omega 3 fatty-acids that prevent inflammation and chronic disease. He even goes so far as to say: “Let me be blunt: if you don’t start eating fish, you’re going to get fat again.” Well that’s some serious motivation to add fish to your menu—stat!

So: Go To It! Try to incorporate protein into every meal and see if you notice the difference in your energy levels—and waistline. To get you started, here’s a video where Harper shows how to make simple and delicious roasted salmon.

The Skinny Rules is on sale now, wherever books are sold. Follow Bob Harper on Twitter at @MyTrainerBob and use the hashtag #skinnyrules to talk about the book.

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