Go To It! Bob Harper’s Skinny Rule #7: No Carbs After Lunch

Bob Harper is the trainer and fitness expert best known for his butt-kicking, fat-burning workouts on The Biggest LoserHis bookThe Skinny Rules distills his healthy eating knowledge into 20 straightforward principles. Make them into habits, and Harper guarantees you’ll never need another diet book again. Always up for a healthy challenge, BBL staffers have been test-driving Harper’s rules all month long. Here’s Abby’s take on Skinny Rule #7. —BBL Editor


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When I first glanced at Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules, I smiled to myself because it seemed like I was already following all of the rules. I eat berries and apples every day. I have more protein in my daily diet than most people I know. I am careful about sugary drinks. But then I saw it; it turned out that I followed every rule but one. And it is a big one: no carbs after lunch. Excuse me? No afternoon chocolate croissant pick-me-up, no easy pasta recipe or sandwiches and soup for dinner, and no more pizza delivery? The world as I knew it came crashing down. Who in their right mind could possibly follow this rule?

Bob set a high bar.

But then I tried it, and he is right. Things got better. I didn’t feel as sluggish in the evening, and I wasn’t dependent on an afternoon or late-night carb to keep me going. Plus, Bob provides many recipes that are easy to make (even for the kitchen-challenged like myself) and tasty. Watch the video below where he shows how to make one of my favorites: Chicken Salad Cups.

The Skinny Rules is on sale now, wherever books are sold. Follow Bob Harper on Twitter at @MyTrainerBob and use the hashtag #skinnyrules to talk about the book.

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