Go To It! Challenge Yourself to ‘Win the Day’

In his book, Unthink, Erik Wahl offers tools to inspire you to think and act more creatively and, most importantly, shows how to find and release your inner artist. According to the artist and entrepreneur, “Rediscovering your fearless creativity can change everything from how you perceive your job to how well you do your job to why you go to work every day. It can change your life.” Below is a tip from the book about how making a subtle change to the way you think about your daily responsibilities can inspire your own creativity and imagination. –BBL Editor

The key to igniting better creativity is often little more than a shift in mind-set. When a deadline looms and your job is on the line, the shift happens naturally. You go into hyper-resourceful mode. MacGyver survival mode. It’s a different story when you’re sitting in your cubicle fulfilling your duties with no impending doom. It’s easy in that scenario to simply get things done without imagination.

How do you go into hyper-resourceful mode when the deadline isn’t looming? Start by challenging yourself to win the day. Set an audacious daily goal and fight to meet it the way you would if failure meant you’d be fired. Remove all distractions and time sappers that stand in the way. Focus and call upon every resource. And determine your reward if you meet the goal. Make it something worthwhile. Dinner at your favorite restaurant. A mini-shopping spree.

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The following day, go back and review the tape, so to speak. What resources rose up that surprised you? What thing did you do wrong that you could easily remedy? This is more than a game you play with yourself. You are essentially taking inventory on your creative storehouse. And the more you do it, the more refined your resources will become. The more refined they become, the more rapidly and naturally you will be able to ignite your creativity whenever it is needed.

So, go to it! Challenge yourself to win the day.

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