Go To It!: Protect Your Online Presence

March is Career Month at BBL, which means we’ll be bringing you tons of content about applying for jobs, interviews, internships, setting up your career and more, straight from the experts.

I once did a project in college where my professor gave me an address, and I had to compile a complete report of the people who lived at that address. I was able to find criminal records,  lawsuits they had filed, phone numbers,  what kind of cars they drove, how many tickets they had, how many kids they had, what their kids names were, how much their house cost, who they voted for in the last election, who they worked for, how the couple met, and when and where they got married. Granted that some of this is public record, but it was all available to me in several quick Google searches.

That is scary stuff.

It was at that moment that I realized how important it is to protect your online presence. With everything moving to digital and the average person spending 35 hours a week (about a 5th of the week) online, it is becoming more necessary than ever to take control of your online image. There are several websites that will help you accomplish this, but the best one I have found is Reputation.com.

This website tracks your online presence and tells you what people are finding out about you, allows you to destroy certain things about you that exist on the internet, and lets you differentiate between things that show up for someone with your same name. You can promote certain areas as well. So if you are looking for a job, you would want to promote anything that had to do with your past work or company.

There is a free subscription to the site that mostly shows what people are finding and looking at, but there are also other more in depth subscriptions starting from $100/year to $250/year.

You wouldn’t tell someone you just met all of your secrets, so the internet shouldn’t either.  So Go To It and take control of your online presence.

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