Go To It!: Shift Your Perspective for a New Outlook

One of my favorite pieces of advice comes from Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Kovall, in their book The Power of Small: “When you reorient your perspective to look for the magic in smaller, overlooked ideas, you may be surprised at what you discover.” This is fantastic advice for business as well as life. Sometimes we get so used to how things are that we forget to look at them in new ways, and more often than not, all it takes is a change of perspective to see something in a comepletly new light.

There are plenty of other ways you can shift your perspective, and in addition to dispensing invaluable advice, Thaler and Kovall give you some ways to do it. So go to it this week, and work on shifting your perspective one thing at a time. Maybe it’s an annoying project at work, potential business venture, or a friend’s party that you just don’t want to go to. Here are ways to fix that:

  • See the glass half empty--WHAT? No, we’re not saying become a pessimist, but identifying the problem allows you to look for a solution. Don’t want to go to that friend’s party because you’re afraid an old flame will be there? Speak up!
  • Be four again and ask questions–Asking questions (and listening hard to the answers) is a great way to trigger your brain into thinking along new lines. Solicit opinions about that project at work to help you overcome a big hurdle.
  • Test the waters–Love baking but never have time for it because of your day job? Stop thinking about baking as a hobby and start thinking of it as a potential career. With a new idea for a business that makes you happy, you can be excited about whats to come.

So Go To It and shift your perspective this week! Maybe you’ll discover something new about yourself!

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