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Go To It!: Start a Journal This Fall for a Healthy Mind

It’s officially fall. And if there is one thing that I miss from my days as a student during the autumnal season, it’s back to school shopping. With fall comes the feeling that it’s a new year and a new chance to start anew. What better way to show that than with a brand new notebook, with crisp white pages and no doodles, cross-outs or torn pages?

For those of us who are too old for school, (or “too cool for school” if you will), but want to feel the joy and excitement of back to school—don’t fret! Starting a journal each fall can give you the same feeling and creates a ritual in your day that’s way more fun that homework.

My favorite journal is the Q&A –A-Day format. It has a question for each day, and lines for five-year’s worth of answers. They range from the profound (June 20: Write the first sentence of your autobiography) to the funny (Today’s question: What’s the last bad movie you watched?) to the banal (June 14:  Did you exercise today?). Each year you can see in real time how you’ve changed, and look back on all the places you’ve been and the thoughts you’ve had.

Answering these little questions is a great ritual to start or end the day with, and reminds you to value the little things in life, be it, how many cups of coffee you drank today or three words to describe your love life. Journaling can be an easy way to achieve a healthy mind, and remind you of all the things you are grateful for. So go to it!

What’s your favorite way to journal? Let us know in the comments!


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