Go To It: Start a New Career That Brings You Joy

I have heard it all too often, “I am not happy with my job. If I would only be able to do more! If only my boss would only see how hard I’m working!” If, If, If…then I would be happy. But let me break it to you—if you don’t like your job, there is only one way to make it better and that is by finding something you love. This may mean changing your responsibilities at work, taking a night class in drawing, or, in some cases, a new career.  In honor of career month, go to it this week and think about what you REALLY want to do, and how you can achieve it:

  • Ask yourself, “What brings you joy?” Maybe it’s singing, organizing events or taking photographs. Maybe you are a tennis pro or a secret personal chef. Take a piece of paper, and write down what comes to mind. Then think about applying that joy to a career. You may even find a way to feed your happiness and your wallet!
  • Do research.  We live in an incredible time  where any information is a mouse click away. Take advantage of this and figure out how to make your dreams happen.
  • Tell your friends! How else are they going to know you want to be a photographer? Ask if you can be the photographer at a family reunion or friend’s party.
  • Practice and expand your knowledge. Remember this career is still in its infancy, so treat it as such. Take a seminar or get a certification; nourish it. Remember, it’s a slow process but every day is a step forward! Don’t worry how it will all fall into place—It will!

So go to it! Have you ever made a change in your career or started a new job because it made you happy? Share your experiences in the comments below!


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