Go to It: The 5 Must-Dos of Summer

We’ve all heard the traditional rhyme claiming good luck to brides who wear something old and new, borrowed and blue. But have you heard the rhyme for The Five Must-Dos of Summer? I don’t promise it’ll bring you luck, but it might help you craft your best summer ever.

Something slow, something fast,

Something fleeting, something that lasts,

Something reminiscent of the past.

Something slow. Summer is the perfect time to de-stress and refresh. Sip a glass of lemonade on the porch. Nap in a hammock. Read. Watch the sun set. Take a canoe trip. Stroll through the park. Unplug. Wade along the shore. Sail. Meditate.

Something fast. Counter that downtime with something invigorating. Rent a convertible for a day. Break a sweat. Ride something with two wheels. Dance. Hop on a jet ski. Play a rousing game of tennis. Take a plunge on a roller coaster. Go tubing or waterskiing. Enter a race. Go horseback riding.

Something fleeting. Allow yourself to be impulsive during the summer months, enjoying those momentary pleasures. Eat an ice cream cone. Walk in the rain. Play hooky. Stop at a farmer’s market. Spend a day at the beach. Visit a town you’ve never been to. Roast marshmallows. Attend a local festival. Stop at a lemonade stand and pay double. Grill something unusual (olives, anyone?). Listen to an outdoor concert.

Something that lasts. For a sense of accomplishment, do one thing you’ve been putting off all year, something you can proudly claim when the summer ends. Clean out your closet. Plant a garden. Paint that room. Detox. Detail your car. Clean out your garage. Begin a new exercise regime. Organize the basement. Create a better office space. Clear your fridge. Sign up for a yoga class. Can peaches. Begin your novel.

Something reminiscent of the past. Recreate old memories and indulge your playful side. Build a sandcastle. Go to a drive-in movie theater. Roller blade. Visit an amusement park. Watch a softball or baseball game (or better yet, play!). Attend a Fourth of July parade. Fly a kite. Build a campfire. Jump off the diving board. Light sparklers. Bury someone in the sand. Run to the curb when you hear the ice cream truck. Catch fireflies in a jar. Sleep under the stars. Make your mother’s homemade jam.

Lori Nelson Spielman is the author of The Life List, a novel about a woman who sets out to complete her old list of childhood goals: Move to Paris; have a baby, maybe two; and fall in love.

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