Go To It! Three Good Things

It’s Inspiration Month at Books for Better Living, and with National Happiness Day just around the corner, we turned to Lisa Napoli for some words of wisdom and inspiration.

As discussed in her memoir, Radio-Shangri-La, Lisa participated in an experimental workshop in positive psychology to investigate her happiness. During the workshop, Lisa learned a simple exercise that helped her recognize the happiness in her life. We tried it over here at BBL and found it to be a wonderful way to become aware of the happiness that exists in our everyday lives.

The exercise is simple: Keep a notebook by your bed. Every night, before you go to sleep, review your day and make a short list of “three good things” that happened that day.

Your first thought may be “Well, what if three good things didn’t happen today?” Sometimes we’ve found it’s easier to focus on the negative rather than being mindful of the positive aspects of our daily lives. This exercise challenges us to find three good things in each day. They don’t have to be big things. Most of the time they’re not going to be big things. Truly big, important things don’t happen to us every day: winning an award, getting married, starting a new job, going on vacation. But isn’t it the big spaces of time in between those monumental events that make up life? The idea here is that the smaller things have the most power.

Trust us, this exercise will help you discover that goodness exists all around us, already. Whether it’s a nice meal out with friends, grabbing coffee with a co-worker, going for a long run, or an unexpected act of kindness from a neighbor, soon we start to see that every single day, three good things do happen.

So, Go To It! Try out Lisa Napoli’s “Three Good Things” and observe the positivity that exists within the day-to-day. What do you notice?

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