Go To It!: Tips for Looking Great at Your Next Holiday Party

We are well into the days of constant Holiday parties and gatherings. If you’re like me, you probably have one go to outfit that looks great, festive, and is easy. If you don’t have that special outfit, don’t stress! Here are some of our favorite what-not-to-wear rules from Leah Feldon’s Does This Make Me Look Fat? that will help make you shine and standout at your next party:

Rule 1: Monochromatic is Magic—and it’s easy too! Wearing all one color, be it black or red, means you never have to worry about the nefarious “color clashing.” Monochromatic outfits also make you look slimmer and taller.

Rule 5: If It Doesn’t Fit, Get Rid of It!—I’ll admit that I went through a phase where I would buy clothes I loved even if they weren’t in my size. I thought I could make a too-tight shirt or a baggy skirt work. Nope.  A perfect fit can be even more exciting than the perfect dress, and makes you look and feel awesome.

Rule 6: Run for Cover!—This is a perfect tip for winter holiday parties, when you may be chilly—grab a scarf or shawl! Pick one with a splash of color, if you’re going the monochromatic route, for a look that pops.

Rule 9: Don’t Let Your Accessories Bring You Down—And here how: Make sure your shoes go with your outfit before heading out. If you’re wearing a belt, make sure it isn’t too tight. If you’re wearing jewelry try long, layered necklaces instead of chokers to create flattering vertical lines.

Rule 11: Think Small—If you can’t stand monochromatic, prints can work for you. Just make sure to pick prints with small designs; big prints can overpower the rest of your outfit. Go for small buttons, collars and lapels too.

So Go To It and look awesome at you party! Do you have any other tips for looking and feeling great?

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