Better Living on the Web: Handling Holiday Stress

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when you remember that all-nighters aren’t just for college kids, but that they sadly happen in the real world too. And I’m not just talking about last night when you went shopping from midnight to 8 a.m.; no, these all-nighters have a way of happening repeatedly in that time span between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Sure the relatives just left, but they will be back in just one month, and it will be time to clean the house again. And once you are out of the food coma from the turkey leftovers it will be time to put up the Christmas decorations. Then there are all the holiday parties, charity events, your nephew’s recital, wrapping all of those presents, writing Christmas cards—well, you get the point. And on top of all of this, everyday life just continues. Remember that job you have? It is still there. Are you feeling the stress yet? Because I am.

But don’t freak out just yet, because we have collected some helpful articles from around the web that will make your holidays go more smoothly. So take a deep breath, make a cup of tea, and remember that the holidays are not supposed to be about the perfect party dress or the best present; they are about catching up with loved ones and friends.

Happy Holidays!

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