Have You Tried BookScout?

It finally happened. YOU DID IT! You read every, single book in that massive pile on your nightstand. And they were good. In fact, some were great. You even reread Gone Girl just to make sure you didn’t miss anything (and revel in Gillian Flynn’s genius once more).

It is a big accomplishment. So why are you so glum about it? As you slip into bed and reach for your eReader, it hits you like a ton of books: You have no idea what to read next!

We are all too familiar with this particular predicament. That’s why we’re loving a great new tool to help find books: the BookScout Facebook app. Not only does BookScout integrate with your Facebook account seamlessly, but it also takes into account things you already like. Every time you ‘Like’ a book in BookScout, its recommendations become more tailored to you. It also simplifies your reading life. As a BookScout user you can track books you have read, books you want to read and books you are currently reading. You can also connect with your friends on BookScout and see what they’ve liked, what they’re reading and what they want to read, which is handy if you’re looking for gift ideas.

As for recommendations, we used it and found tons of books that we never knew existed. Who knew there were so many cookbooks out there all about brunch (our favorite meal)! Whether you’re an astrology buff searching for astrologically inspired food, or a Zen-head with a soft spot for spiritual guides, there’s an app for that. It’s called BookScout, and it’s your new best friend on Facebook.

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