Heavenly Christmas: Gifts from the Angels

I cannot remember any time when I couldn’t see angels.  From the very moment I opened my eyes as a newly born baby and saw my mother I also saw angels.   I see them physically, just as I see my daughter sitting across the dinner table from me, and I talk with them as I talk with other people, but I can also communicate with them without words.

I see angels every day. Behind every single person regardless of religion or whether they are good or bad I see a guardian angel. I have never seen anyone without a guardian angel. Whether you believe it or not you have a guardian angel, who is with you from before you born and will bring you safely back to heaven after you die. This guardian angel loves you unconditionally, you are its number one and it will never ever leave you even for one second. I see lots of other angels too, and during the holiday season I see more angels than at other time of the year.

Every year at this time I see thousands of angels, countless in number, pouring from the heavens.  Each of these angels is carefully holding a ball of light, which it lovingly drops on to a home. Then I see an explosion of light fill every nook and cranny of the home, touching everyone living there.

As a child I loved seeing theses angels but I always wondered what they were doing and why.

When I became an adult another angel explained to me that these were gifts from God – gifts of love and hope, to touch everyone regardless of religion or belief. These balls of light are to help us to connect with our memories of Heaven, with the feelings of love and hope that children have naturally.

From the beginning of November until early January God sends his angels to pour these gifts of love and hope on to every home in the world – a tent, a box, a skyscraper, a palace.

Young children have just come from heaven and accept gifts from God as naturally as they do a toy from a parent. At this time of the year we all would become happier if we became more like children and accepted the gifts of love and hope that the angels are delivering to us.

The angels have told me that the intertwining of the old and the new year is a time that is important in all religious traditions; that it is a time of spiritual openness and a wonderful time to create new beginnings. For each and every one of us this time is an opportunity to let go of the past, accept the gifts of love and hope that the angels are delivering us and look to the future.


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