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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Six steps—and books—to get started today.

Whether you’re looking to enliven your interior space with beautiful house plants, grow something delicious to eat, or arrange a stunning bouquet, these six gardening books will inspire you to get your hands a little dirty and bring the beauty and sustenance of nature to your home.

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1. Grow Something Different to Eat

by Matthew Biggs

Figure out what you want to grow. Whether it’s crops for the table or the eye, be practical in figuring out what you can manage. How much space do you have? What are your growing conditions? How much time can you commit? Grow Something Different to Eat: Weird and Wonderful Heirloom Fruits and Vegetables for Your Garden by Matthew Biggs will help you choose the right edibles for your taste buds and lifestyle, and grow them from seed-to-plate.




2. Martha’s Flowers

by Martha Stewart and Kevin Sharkey

You’ve got your yummy stuff in the works, so turn your attention to flowers with Martha Stewart and Kevin Sharkey. In Martha’s Flowers, a gorgeous, glossy book with beautiful photos of her own gardens, you’ll learn how to grow some of today’s most popular blooms, including peonies, dahlias, poppies, hydrangeas, and more. Besides practical information on growing and care, this book has stunning ideas for arrangements once you’ve plucked your beauties for display (or even if you’re just buying cut flowers from the store).




3. Gardener’s Log Book

by The New York Botanical Garden

Now that you’re on your way to growing a garden, however big or small, keep track of your progress in this handy month-by-month, season-by-season five-year planner. Besides ample room for your notes, Gardener’s Log Book also contains handy checklists throughout that remind you to do things like add compost, reset frost-heaved plants, begin weeding, apply summer mulch, sow seeds of various annuals and vegetables, and much more.



4. Practical House Plant Book

by Fran Bailey & Zia Allaway

You’ve got the outdoors covered, so set your sights on your interior space. Practical House Plant Book by Fran Bailey & Zia Allaway includes 175 plant profiles, from orchids and ferns to succulents and foliage plants. Figure out which houseplants make sense with your home’s aesthetic (the scale, color, shape texture, light) and then choose accordingly. Remember: Care comes before style. A healthy plant is a beautiful plant—and this info-packed guide will ensure that you’re armed with everything you need to know to make your plants flourish.




5. How to Window Box

by Chantal Aida Gordon and Ryan Benoit

Next up: Window Boxes. Whether for indoors or outdoors, window boxes add delightful pops of green or color and are thoughtful design elements. In How to Window Box: Small-Space Plants to Grow Indoors or Out by Chantal Aida Gordon and Ryan Benoit, you can hone in on a specific look (“Herb Garden,” “Jungle Box,” “Edible Petals,” “Woodlands” and more), and then figure out which windows are best (based on sun and shade). Choose a basic style and then learn how to get it growing—and continue to add your own personality to it.




6.  Seeds & Pods

by The New York Botanical Garden

By now, you may have some delicious and/or beautiful flowers and plants thriving. Invite friends over to behold the magnificence, or eat a meal made up of your home-grown goodies. Your table will, of course, feature a beautiful floral arrangement, but also spruce it up by adding a gorgeous illustrated postcard of flowers and botanicals to each place setting from Seeds & Pods: 24 Postcards. Or, for friends and family far away, send one by mail and update them on your green thumb!




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