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How Food Could Be Making Your Child Sick

Stay informed- A frequently sick child may be the sign of a hidden allergy.

Even when your kid is too young to tell you how he feels or too used to her symptoms to identify them (when kids hurt all the time, they don’t know they hurt), you can often read your child’s condition in his or her skin. Does your kid have eczema? Does he get rashes around the mouth, especially after he eats a certain food or swallows a certain beverage? Rashes around the knees, elbows or armpits? Does he have “allergic shiners”—that is, dark circles under the eyes? These are all inflammatory reactions, signs that the body is trying to rid itself of what it perceives as a toxic invader. In your child’s case, that “toxic invader” might be an apparently harmless food, to which your kid is either allergic or “sensitive.”

Keeping that invader away from your kid may bring relief from symptoms—and it may clear up other problems, such as brain fog, crankiness, sleep problems, inattention, acne, and mood swings…

Chronic ear infections are often a sign of dairy allergies. In our house, the slogan “Got Milk?” quickly morphed into “Got Eczema?” “Got Diarrhea?” “Got Ear Infections?” Sad but true, that ubiquitous white beverage has many ill effects for children who are allergic or sensitive to it.

So if your son or daughter seems to be complaining of frequent earaches, try substituting juice or water for the white stuff and see if that makes a difference. If your child also becomes livelier, more cheerful, and more attentive in school, you’ll know you’re really on to something.

For more information on how to keep your children healthy, check out Robyn O’Brien’s new book, The Unhealthy Truth, and her AllergyKids website. Watch Robyn O’Brien discuss her kids’ food allergies on the TODAY show! 



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