How to Make Decisions that Match Your True Purpose

One decision can transform everything. Imagine consistently making decisions with clarity, certainty and confidence, knowing that no matter what the outcome, you’ve made the wisest and most powerful choice.

How do you know when you’ve made a great decision?

The most powerful decisions are those you make when you are aware. When making decisions, relax. Inhale a conscious breath. It is unwise to make decisions if you feel hurried or rushed. Do not allow others or circumstances pressure you into making choices that do not feel right for you. Rather, when faced with a moment of decision, pause, look up, allow your awareness to expand into peripheral vision, evaluate the situation, ask what is the highest choice, tune in to the feeling offered by your body’s intuitive wisdom, and consciously choose the path that honors you, your gifts and everyone involved. You will know it is a wise choice because you will feel strong, healthy and centered.

Here are three questions that you can ask to support yourself in making wise choices for your relationships, career and life. You can apply these questions for all decisions, even the little ones.

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1. Is it essential?
 By “essential,” I don’t mean “necessary” or “required.” I mean…is it of your essence? Is it authentic? Is it an extension of your spirit? Does it reflect your true purpose? Is it in alignment with who you really are and what’s most important to you? Does it honor your body temple? Does it honor the Earth?

2. Will it elevate and uplift your life?
 Will it inspire and empower you? Are you encouraged by it? Will it improve your quality of life? Will it enrich your relationships? Does it create spaciousness to experience what you really want? Is it imaginative? Does it express love? Does it honor others? Does it bring you joy?

3. Having made the decision, how do you feel? Imagine that you have made this decision; now project your consciousness out into the future. See yourself (in your mind’s eye) in a specific time in the future having made this decision…how do you feel? Notice what you see, hear and feel in light of making this decision. Do you feel constricted or energized? If you feel anything less than centered and grounded in your power then that’s a clue to explore other options.

Ask these questions and listen. Here’s a checklist to ensure the decisions you make match your true purpose. You will know your choice is a wise one because:

• It feels right within you.
• It honors you and your unique gifts.
• No part of you objects to experiencing or manifesting it.
• It does not infringe upon the will of another person.
• It is self-initiated and self-maintained; in other words, you are not dependent on any one person for you to take action.
• It increases choice. In other words, your decision creates a foundation that does not limit or constrict choice, but rather amplifies choice.

Your answers reside within you. You access the omniscience within your own being by being present, mindful and attuning to stillness. Sometimes an insight comes as a download; other times a serendipitous encounter, or perhaps an apparent sign or a feeling. Simply expand your awareness into the periphery and trust the highest choice to be revealed. Who you are is whole and complete – a divine child of the Universe. Do not defer your decisions to another. Listen to the wisdom that pulses within the sanctum of your own soul. Then act boldly, lovingly and without attachment.

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