How to Make Your Own Miracles

Are you waiting for a miracle to come your way? Well, it’s time to stop waiting and start doing. According to life coach Gabrielle Bernstein, it’s entirely possible to make your own miracles each and every day. Bernstein, who emerged as a spirituality guru for a new generation with her book Spirit Junkie, explains how to become your own miracle worker in her new book May Cause Miracles. Available January 1—just in time for those of us seeking a fresh start for the new year—this “40-day fear cleanse,” as she puts it, is a practical guidebook for conquering fears that get in the way of happiness.

Bernstein organizes her program into six themed weeks that focus on things like body image, relationships and money. Each day includes a morning reflection, an affirmation to keep in mind throughout the day and an evening exercise. With a heavy focus on mediation and journaling, Bernstein helps you find your own inner guide and “miracle mindset” of gratitude, forgiveness and love.

We’ve chosen this life-changing book as our book of the month for December. All month, we’ll be bringing you inspiration from Bernstein so you can get ready to make 2013 your year of miracles. If anyone can help, it’s Bernstein, who turned around her own life of addiction to alcohol, drugs and work using these methods. But don’t take our word for it—in this video, hear Gabby herself explain what the book can do for your life.

If you preorder May Cause Miracles this month, you’ll get access to Gabby’s December group coaching course, two guided meditations and an audio book introduction. To learn more, visit or follow Bernstein on Twitter at @GabbyBernstein.

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