Knitting Is My ‘Happy Place’

I knit everywhere … waiting for the car to get its tires changed, at school events, at restaurants, at the doctor’s office, at the airport, you name a location and I’ve probably knitted there! I don’t often get asked “why” I knit … but I can tell people are wondering.

Let me tell you in a nutshell, knitting is a direct conduit to my “happy place.”

When I knit I am peaceful: it is quieting, almost instant meditation for me. I think more constructively, concentrate better, and converse more fluently when I knit. In fact, my knitting is next to me while I write this!

Knitting helps me love air travel . . .many hours on a plane equals knitting time. Give me a great book on tape and I’m settled in for the long haul. I’m one of the few people I know who actually enjoys a flight delay; it just means MORE KNITTING for me!

If I hit a spot in my writing that doesn’t flow I just pick my project up, slap on a few rows and dive back into the task at hand… it’s magic! I don’t even mind ripping out my knitting when a concept doesn’t work out, since that results in MORE KNITTING!

Knockout Knits Laura Nelkin Prolix Mitts

Certainly it is important for me to “fit” my knitting to my environment. Simple projects travel with me, more complicated ones stay at home. Double sided lace with beads is reserved for home.

This kind of knitting gets me to my happiest place of all, as ALL of my consciousness must be directed to the task at hand. Once the pattern starts flowing and the stitches fall into place all the other “chatter” ceases… this allows for a true meditative zone.

I’m a maker and can find this peace in many crafts. I sew, cook, bake, and garden, but knitting is functional, portable and the fastest way for me to get to the happy place.

Frankly, knitting is cheap therapy and my family is thrilled I found it.

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